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Lower Your Energy Bills With New Attic Insulation in Your Atlanta Area Home

attic insulation Atlanta When you want to lower the energy bills at your home in Atlanta, installing new attic insulation can be an efficient way to meet your goals. The majority of all heat transfer in and out of a home takes place through the attic, which is why it is commonly one of the most heavily insulated parts of the home. Many factors can cause this insulation to become less effective over time, such as settling, pest damage, and moisture absorption. Evolving technologies have also made modern insulation materials far more effective, and using them to replace older insulation products can often lead to increased savings on your home energy bills.

For example, many modern insulation materials, such as sprayed foam and wet blown insulations, can provide a better air seal than older loose fill, dry blown and batt insulation, leading to reduced convection. These newer insulations can also adhere to sloped surfaces in many cases, allowing for an additional layer of insulation to be applied directly to the roof to reduce conduction. Finally, modern foil insulation can be installed over either old or new attic insulation in your Atlanta home, providing protection from radiant heat transfer, which has historically been ignored or overlooked but accounts for an extremely large percentage of energy loss or gain in a home.

If you’re interested in finding out how any of these technologies can improve the energy efficiency of your home, Arango Insulation will be happy to help. We’ve installed attic insulation in Atlanta area homes for more than a decade, and offer a comprehensive selection of insulation products with options to suit any need or budget. We only carry the industry’s most trusted brands, like Owens Corning, Johns Manville, Guardian, Green Fiber, and Icynene, so you can trust our products will deliver incredible performance. We also provide a 1-year labor warranty on our work, so you can rest assured your investment in new insulation is well protected.

To find out more about lowering the energy bills in your Atlanta home with new attic insulation from Arango Insulation, contact us today.


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