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Reasons to Choose Professional Attic Insulation Installation for Your Atlanta Home Instead of DIY

attic insulation AtlantaSince hot summers and cold winters are common in Atlanta, attic insulation is a crucial investment for area residents who want to ensure their energy bills remain reasonable and their homes stay comfortable. Many homeowners choose to install installation themselves, but unfortunately this often causes more problems than it solves. While these problems may be as benign as ineffective insulation that increases heating and cooling costs, other problems can lead to serious home damage that requires costly repairs.

The first thing Atlanta attic insulation DIYers need to know is that by choosing to install their own installation, they are immediately limiting their options to loose-fill insulations, batts, rolls, or rigid foam boards. All of these can support mold growth if installed improperly without accounting for moisture, and some loose fills can weigh more than a ceiling is rated for, potentially causing structural damage. By choosing a professional installer, you’ll also have the option of other insulations such as blown-in, spray foam, and radiant barriers, which may be more effective and durable. You can also rest assured that an experienced professional installer knows how to compensate for moisture, airflow, and weight to ensure your insulation does not damage your home.

Installing insulation can also be hazardous to the installer’s health unless proper safety precautions are taken. Many forms of insulation can “off gas” noxious fumes when being installed, and fibers in rockwool and fiberglass can be a skin and eye irritant, or cause lung damage if inhaled. When you choose professional installation for the attic insulation in your Atlanta home, you won’t have to worry about whether you’ve taken the proper safety precautions and can trust your installer to choose the safest option for you and your family.

So, if you’re interested in improving or replacing the attic insulation in your Atlanta area home, contact Arango Insulation. We’ll be happy to tell you more about the process of insulating your attic and how our professional installation services can make it quick, easy, and affordable.


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