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Types of Attic Insulation for Atlanta Homes

attic insulation AtlantaUnless you’ve really taken the time to study the attic insulation in your Atlanta home or that which is available on the market, you likely are under the impression that there is just one type of insulation – the fluffy kind (usually referred to as batts in the industry) tucked up above your ceiling. In fact, batts are just one of the many types of effective insulating solutions available. Often, many homes need more than one type of insulation to address the needs associated with lowering heating and cooling costs and increasing energy efficiency.

Here are some of the other common types of attic insulation that your Atlanta home may need:

Rolls – Much like batt insulation, roll insulation is a layer of fluffy material (usually fiberglass) that is precut to easily and snugly fit between rafters, but comes in longer lengths than batts.

Spray-foam – This type of insulation is directly applied inside seams, cracks, and other tight areas and is perfect for sealing gaps near attic venting and windows.

Loose-fill – Typically made of cellulose or fiberglass, this insulation can be directly blown into your attic by means of pneumatic equipment and is layered to a custom thickness to provide the right amount of attic insulation for your Atlanta home.   

Radiant barrierRadiant barriers are normally used in conjunction with other types of insulation and can block heat radiation, which is a primary form of heat transfer that can make energy bills skyrocket, especially in the summer, when the sun’s hot rays tend to transfer through your roof and into your home. 

All of these insulation materials and many others can be installed by the professionals at Arango Insulation. At Arango, we have been serving homeowners throughout the Atlanta area for more than a decade, and our highly skilled teams will work quickly to install attic insulation in your Atlanta home in the most effective way. Additionally, we’re A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and recipients of the 2010 Consumers’ Choice Award.

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