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The Owens Corning EnergyComplete Home Insulation System for New Builds in Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, and Throughout the Southeast

The Owens Corning EnergyComplete™ Home Insulation System for New Builds in Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, and Throughout the SoutheastWith the costs of heating and cooling on the rise, homebuyers want to know that the new homes they purchase are built with energy efficiency in mind. To meet this new demand, the folks over at Owens Corning have created yet another innovative insulation solution –  The Owens Corning EnergyComplete™ home insulation system. With an all-in-one approach, this system combines the best that Owens Corning has to offer into one easy to install process in order to ensure total insulation of new homes and homebuyer peace of mind. With this system, air infiltration – the number one cause of home energy loss – is reduced by up to 70% and cut the homeowners energy bills by up to 1/3 when compared to caulking and traditional spray foam home insulation.

We are proud to offer this new system to home builders throughout the Southeast region in order to make insulation of your new builds as easy as ever with one, all-inclusive solution that is less expensive than buying each part separately. The Owens Corning EnergyComplete™ home insulation system uses the following components for total building insulation:

  • Low expanding Spray Foam with Flexible Seal Technology – This allows the home insulation to form to surfaces quickly and dry within 20 minutes in most cases and doesn’t require shaving. There is no need to use different spray foam when switching from interior walls, ceilings, and floors to tighter spaces such as around doors and windows, and it is safe to use without an external air supply and body protection, allowing many workers to be present and working during the application to cut down on construction time.

  • Owens Corning PINK FIBERGLAS™ home insulation – Once the Spray Foam has been applied, PINK FIBERGLAS™ is installed to all ceiling and enclosed cavities for superior energy efficiency. This patented insulation doesn’t absorb moisture, will not settle, is not combustible, and does not deteriorate, allowing this insulation to hold its R-value over time. Along with its exceptional energy efficient properties, it also contains the highest recycled glass content in the industry, allowing for and even more environmentally responsible build.

Contact us today to learn more about this highly efficient, affordable, and energy conscious home insulation system and how we can be of assistance to you anywhere throughout Georgia and the Southeast.


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