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External Wall Insulation for Atlanta, Johns Creek, Roswell, Vinings, Suwanee and Throughout the Metro Area

external wall insulationRetrofitting an external wall with new insulation can help you save money on your power bills by keeping hot or cool air from leaking out of your home. This wall cavity insulation also helps prevent moisture from condensing, which seriously reduces the risk of mold or mildew developing behind your walls. If you’re an Atlanta area resident, you can have this protection quickly installed when you get CFI Core Foam Masonry Foam from Arango Insulation. Our expert insulation technicians can quickly inject CFI’s two-part resin into the gaps in concrete blocks and behind masonry walls where it expands and provides an extra line of defense for your home.

Compared to other types of external wall insulation, CFI spray foam offers several advantages, including:

  • Fast installation – Since it’s injected, it can quickly expand and fill non-uniform spaces with just a few simple drill holes. No measuring or cutting required!
  • Price – Installing CFI Foam costs less when compared to traditional rigid foam or mineral wool external wall cavity insulation which is far more difficult to install.
  • Thermal protection – CFI Core Foam Masonry Foam has an R-value of 4.92/inch, one of the highest available.
  • Safety – CFI’s resin has less than 0.5% free formaldehyde, which is less than half that found in our some of competitors’ spray foam insulation and means fewer harmful fumes during installation.

Arango also offers CFI InsulSmart internal wall insulation which is specially designed for stud walls and cathedral ceilings. This product provides the same protection to the interior of your home that Core Foam Masonry Foam provides to your exterior wall cavities. No matter which CFI Foam is right for your retrofit, you can trust Arango’s skilled technicians to make sure it provides the most protection possible. We even offer a 1-year warranty on all our work so if you’re not getting the protection you were promised, we’ll immediately repair it.

For more information on external wall insulation with CFI Foam, contact Arango Insulation today. You can also inquire about our attic insulation services.

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