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Attic Insulation – Installed in Peachtree City Homes by the Professionals at Arango Insulation

attic insulation Peachtree CityInvesting in quality attic insulation for your Peachtree City home can not only enhance its overall value, but it can also help cut back on your heating and cooling costs. However, even the best insulating products cannot provide their full benefits unless they are installed by highly skilled professionals who have years of industry experience. That’s where we at Arango Insulation step in. Our insulation technicians have the expertise and training to ensure that your insulation is properly installed so it works at its best. Our diligent installation professionals are highly efficient and can provide fast turnaround times. Whether you’re upgrading existing insulation in your home or need insulation for a new home, you can rest assured that Arango is among the fastest insulation companies around. After examining your home and assessing your needs, we will inform you on what types of insulation products might best suit your unique project.

Commonly attics are insulated with products like:

  • Batt or blanket insulation –Batts and blankets are pads of insulating materials that usually offer sufficient R-values for most homes and are often used in conjunction with radiant barriers for optimal heat transfer protection.
  • Blown insulation – An insulation installer will spray this insulation product throughout your attic. This insulation can be applied in layers thick enough to provide your home high R-values.
  • Spray foam insulation – Oftentimes, there are small voids that most types of insulation simply cannot efficiently fill. Spray foam is a product that applies as a liquid but expands into a sturdy solid, filling voids and crevices. Spray foam is also commonly applied in the cavities between rafter framing and studs. 

For more information on our attic insulation for Peachtree City homes, contact Arango Insulation today. 

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