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cellulose attic insulation

Cellulose attic insulation is a superior insulator, made of recycled paper, which has become very popular as people focus on environmentally friendly building materials. While cellulose can help qualify a home for green tax credits and insulate attics better than most other materials, it can’t provide either benefit if it isn’t properly installed. Arango Insulation has the experience to select the right cellulose insulation for your attic and we continuously train our technicians so they are familiar with the most up-to-date installation processes and techniques. This means our installation ensures cellulose attic insulation will perform exactly as designed to help keep a home’s energy use under control, whether it’s a spray, loose-fill, or any other application.

In addition to cellulose, the professionals at Arango Insulation can also supply and install:

While cellulose is an excellent insulator, it’s also a surprisingly safe one. For instance, while an attic full of insulation made of paper may seem like a fire hazard the truth is, brands such as Green Fiber can be made of up to 15% fire retardant. In fact, a house installed with the Green Fiber Cocoon products Arango offers actually remained standing 57% longer than an identical structure with traditional fiberglass insulation during a recent University of Maryland test. It’s just one more fabulous feature that you can get from the thorough residential cellulose insulation installations from Arango Insulation.

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