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Benefits of Each Type of Attic Insulation for Atlanta Homes

attic insulation AtlantaIf you are shopping for attic insulation for your Atlanta home, you may be overwhelmed by the selection available. With more types of insulation available today than ever before, there are a plethora of options that can suit your individual needs. At Arango Insulation, we install many types of insulation products suitable for homes of virtually any size and age. While our team of highly knowledgeable and skilled technicians will gladly provide a free energy analysis of your home to determine what type of insulation or custom blend of products would best suit your home, we also want you to be an educated consumer.

So, below is a list of the major kinds of attic insulation we install in Atlanta homes and a rundown of the benefits and features of each type.

Blankets, batts, and rolls: Highly efficient for insulating between studs, joists, and rafters, batts, rolls, and blankets can provide high R values and are sufficient for virtually any attic space without many obstructions.

Loose-fill: A common solution for hard-to-reach areas that either are un-insulated or require more insulation to bolster R values. Loose fill is a perfect solution for adding attic insulation to finished Atlanta homes and attic areas with irregular framing, obstructions, or other elements that make the proper application of batts, rolls, or blankets infeasible.

Sprayed foam: A more recent addition to the insulation family, spray foam offers many of the same benefits of loose fill and is also ideal for insulating in tight areas and around obstructions. However, this material consists of two liquids which expand upon contact with the surface and become a solid, providing an excellent seal against cracks and joints. These products may help lower your energy costs and reduce the amount of stress on your expensive heating and cooling equipment.

To learn more about our attic insulation options for Atlanta homeowners and to get a free quote, contact us today.


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