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Environmentally Friendly Attic Insulation in Your Atlanta Home Can Save You Money

attic insulation AtlantaHaving “green” attic insulation installed in your Atlanta home can be beneficial for the environment by reducing the use of natural resources and shrinking your carbon footprint. In addition, there are many financial advantages in store for the homeowner that chooses eco-friendly insulation. In most cases, green insulation not only is made of recycled materials, but also it is engineered to help you save money on your heating and cooling costs. Through the dramatic savings they can provide, energy-efficient insulation can often pay for itself in only a short matter of time after it is installed.

In addition to the direct savings in cost that efficient insulation offers by reducing your energy expenditures, there are several rebates, tax incentives, and other perks available to those who choose environmentally friendly, energy-efficient insulation. Here’s a look at just a few of them:

Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit – Providing 10% (up to $500) on the cost of adding insulation to your home, this popular United States government program can make it more affordable to pay for the attic insulation upgrade your home needs.

Prime PowerLoan Program – Qualify for a loan of $5,500 or more if you’re upgrading the attic insulation in your Atlanta home. This loan features a repayment term of as long as 84 months and can be conveniently paid along with your electric bill.

Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program – Sawnee Electric Membership Corporation will provide a rebate of up to $1,055 for those upgrading attic insulation in their home.

Sustainable Home Initiative in the New Economy (SHINE) Program – Up to $2,000 is being provided to homeowners upgrading the attic insulation of their Atlanta homes.

At Arango Insulation, we are highly experienced in installing eco-friendly, energy-efficient attic insulation. We can provide a custom solution that will help you reduce your heating and cooling costs and help keep the inside of your Atlanta home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. We are committed to providing you with the finest attic insulating products on the market and won’t rest until you’re completely satisfied.

For more information on attic insulation for Atlanta homeowners, contact us today.

*Terms of tax credits, rebates, and loan programs are subject to change without notice.



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