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Fire Retardant Foam for Atlanta, Lawrenceville, Douglasville, and Throughout Georgia

fire retardant foamFire Retardant Foam is an important safety feature in modern construction and installing it is a legal responsibility in many counties and cities. Even if local codes don’t require it, fire retardant insulation provides an extra layer of safety that can keep a small fire from becoming a blazing inferno. When dealing with a fire, every second counts, and a proper coating of fire retardant can provide precious time needed to contain the blaze or evacuate. Arango Insulation has years of experience applying fireproof foam on a range of commercial projects and our skilled technicians make sure our installations exceed all codes and standards.

Arango Insulation can provide fire retardant foam for a variety of projects including:

  • Traffic tunnels
  • Home walls
  • Metal beams
  • Steel frames
  • Electrical circuits
  • Pipe bridges
  • And more

When dealing with the safety features on any project, you can benefit from the level of skill and experience that Arango Insulation’s technicians can provide. We stand behind our work, always provide a one-year warranty on our installations, and extend all our manufacturer warranties to you, so you have an extra layer of protection on your construction in a worst case scenario. Whether it’s for a small home, or even an entire skyscraper, Arango Insulation can provide you with the fire retardant foam and insulation that can help save your construction and lives in the case of a fire.

For all your residential and commercial fireproofing needs in Atlanta, Decatur, Smyrna, Suwannee or elsewhere in Georgia call or e-mail Arango Insulation to find the solution that’s right for you.

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