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Attic Insulation in Your Atlanta Home Must be Properly Installed for Full Effectiveness

attic insulation AtlantaImagine spending thousands of dollars on new attic insulation for your Atlanta home with the hopes of lower heating and cooling costs, increased energy efficiency, and a more comfortable home only to see little, if any, return on your investment. That is the type of scenario that any Metro area homeowner could face if their attic insulation is not installed properly. It is true that, while buying the latest insulation with high R-values can help to improve your home’s energy efficiency, improper installation of your insulation can greatly reduce the beneficial impacts it will have on your home – and your pocketbook.

Unfortunately, while there are many home remodeling contractors that offer insulation, not all can install it correctly in your Atlanta home. Attic insulation, by its very nature, is not always as straightforward to install as it may seem. There are many tried and true attic insulating techniques, such as using spray foam to fill cracks and seams around vent and window openings, applying radiant barrier over insulation, and mixing product types within applications to ensure that every need – even those that may seem miniscule to the average contractor – is addressed.

At Arango Insulation, we go above and beyond being just plain average. Since we first began installing attic insulation for Atlanta residents more than a decade ago, it has been our commitment to provide local homeowners with the finest service available. Our technicians are highly trained in the most efficient and effective insulation techniques, and they have the expertise and skill to recommend and install just the right combination of insulating products to provide your home a significant energy savings.

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